What it is like to eat 250 mg of edibles

For some people, eating 250 mg would be cause to call an ambulance. For others, it is no big deal. For me, it was a pretty big deal. Would I do it again? Yes.

Cheba Chews and pre-roll joint

The first time I really ate edibles, I was still living in a red state. I was visiting Denver for a night after skiing Beaver Creek for the week. I’d spent the night at the Brown Palace Hotel and was getting my morning going. I took a third of a Cheeba Chews (about 25 mg) and hit the showers. I got packed and ready for the long travel day ahead; calling a bellhop for my luggage and retrieving my car should be a cinch.

It started to hit when I got on the phone. “Um… can I get a… a… my luggage, for, um…” It just wan’t coming out. The person on the other end of the phone got my gist and said a bellhop would be right up. I’m sure they experience stuff like this all the time.

I stood up and felt a little off balance, but mostly I felt slow. Kind of like you do when you first wake up in the morning. You know the feeling, not able to hold intelligent conversation, staring blankly into space, only having the ability to think about cereal.

The bellhop arrived and took the luggage. But once downstairs, the valet couldn’t find the car. A half hour passed of the staff looking for the car, which felt like hours. They even went as far as taking me to the garage to see if I could help find it. I couldn’t even remember what kind of car I was even driving.

Eventually, they found the car. And the onset of the edibles was gone. Coincidence? Maybe.

Since then, I have slowly built my tolerance up. Today, about 2 years later, (and 1 full year of living in a legal state) I can easily take 100 mg and go for a hike. Or write like a crazy lady. But, when I experiment with more than that, things can get a little hectic.

So, the other night I got 5-100 mg Sweet Grass Cookies and ate 2 1/2 cookies. They are made with cannabutter and the recipe is ahh-mazing. They taste like cookies you would get from a gourmet bakery.

Sweet Grass Kitchen edibles 500 mg

I ate one cookie, waited about an hour and then ate the other 1 1/2. I turned on, Kill Bill Vol. 1, ordered some GrubHub and waited for the onset.

It hit when the delivery guy knocked on the door. My pup barked and caused me to jump out of my seat. My heart raced and my hands shook even as I opened the door, even though I knew exactly who it was.

After he left, I was still all shook up.I tried to catch my breath and realized it was just the onset. Sweaty palms, tracers and heart palpitations let me know it.

I deliberately slowed my breathing, reminding myself this is just my mind opening, allowing me to feel more, to think freer, to create in an unadulterated world. I turned the movie back on hoping it would help to bring me back to a more controlled level.

But, it was the wrong movie. Too much gore. I concentrated on it a while and then turned to my food. Every bite was better than the last. Completely pleased with my varied selection, I took one slow bite after the next.

Eventually, the movie was just too much for me while high. I turned off the movie and put some comedy on in the background. I got on my phone to try and do some social media optimization, but couldn’t concentrate on that. At all.

By then, the sleepy part of the edibles were hitting and I was fighting the urge for sleep. I got up to turn off the lights in the condo and got that super paranoid feeling. The tracers didn’t help either. I swore there was someone/thing in the hallway when I shut the last light out, so I booked it for the bedroom and jumped into the bed.


Sleep came soon after. I was out for 8 hours straight (which is pretty good for me) and woke feeling a small edible hangover. It’s not a woozy feeling like alcohol gives. It’s more of a lagging feeling; if it’s severe it feels like I am off-balance, almost like a slight case of vertigo. That morning, I felt like I had a small case of jet lag. Surprised it was such a little hangover, I popped some Stratos Energy pills (20 mg), had a cup of coffee and started my day.

How much is the most you have consumed? How do you feel when you take too many edibles? How do you cope?

I’d love to know what you think, so comment below! And discover what we are up to now, with our new Van Life HERE!

*As always, consume responsibly. If you are new to edibles, start low and go slow. Wait for at least an 1 1/2 for edibles to hit and take 5 to 10 mg to start. Don’t consume and drive. And remember, if you’ve done too much, you aren’t going to die. Try taking some CBD, or going to sleep.*












  1. Hey! I love your article.Just popped me a 300mg dose of potent RSO oil. Most I have ever done was 500mg of THC and oohhhh i felt high for about 3 days after that. I really enjoyed your article!


  2. Last night I had my first cookie. Ate a little. Waited a while. Ate a little bit more. I could feel it but not a lot. Ate the rest (250mg total). Was good until I threw up everywhere. Made sure to drink lots of water and remember that I wasn’t going to die.


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