The 5 Leaves: Scoring for Travel and Cannabis Hotel Reviews

After some careful consideration, over quite a few bowls and a couple of dabs, I came up with this list of criteria for my future hotel and bed and breakfast reviews.

The review is based on 5 factors which will be influencers in deciding how many of the 5 leaves the place will receive overall.

“The 5 leaves”


five star5 leaves: Your place is dank, like a hand rolled Thai stick! Be careful, you may get stuck here and lose your job. (Cross your fingers you work from home.) True connoisseurs only!

cannabis plant, marijuana leaf, dank4 leaves: Like a beautifully put together caviar joint. It is truly satisfying, but you know that somewhere out there, there’s better!

Denver recreational marijuana, where to smoke weed in Denver3 leaves: Non-strain specific pre-roll joint. You feel good about the price and your high is pretty nice. And it works when you’re in a rush, but it’s still just an average joint.

Marijuana Friendly Hotels, Cannabis hotel review

2 leaves: Like dirt weed. Seedy. If you’re stuck out, with no other choice, stay

Cannabis friendly hotels, cannabis friendly bed and breakfast1 leaf: The bottom of an old, dried out bowl. Bowl scrape… Don’t smoke it. It’s disgusting! Avoid it at all costs. Don’t go. I wouldn’t go back. Just like I wouldn’t go back to dirt weed now that I know about the kind bud.

“The 5 factors”

Munchies factor: Are there any? Are they bomb? Can I get them morning, noon and night? Is there any bottled water? I get cotton mouth pretty easily. Are the munchies free? Room service?

Cannabis Friendliness factor: Of course, they know I’m travel and cannabis, but… Is there a designated place to smoke? Is there a balcony in your room? Can you blaze or just dab in the room? Are there any other obvious cannabis smokers around?

The Posh factor: How clean are the accommodations?  Is the bathroom inhabitable? Or, do I need flipflops to stand in the shower? Is the place updated, outdated or original? Do I FEEL fancy? Pampered?  Are the room, lobby and amenities something nice to look at?

Laziness factor: How lazy can I be here? If I smoke a heavy indica and don’t feel like leaving the grounds: Are the amenities such that I can stay around the hotel/bnb all day? Bellhop? Personal concierge? Spa? Pool? Gym? Television? Speakers? Etc.?

The view factor: Smokers love to look at great sights while partaking! Are there beautiful places to chill and toke? Are there multiple sesh-spots? Any entertainment while smoking (nature or otherwise).

This list may change/be revised periodically. Any suggestions are welcome.

Travel high!



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