20 Cannabis-Themed Events in Denver for 4/20

This is going to be my first 4/20 in Denver and I can hardly wait to celebrate. I have been asking around about what I should do for this great celebration now that I will be able to fully enjoy the holiday. Through all of the advice of my new friends, social media and my own research, I have found all kinds of great marijuana related events for everyone in and around Denver to enjoy. I will be going to many of these events to truly indulge in the cannabis culture of Denver! Check out all of the different options below!


  1. The Cannabist’s Official 420 Week Launch Party!

When: April 15th, 3-7:00 pm

Where: The Denver Post Building, 101 W. Colfax

Deets: You get a tour of the set of The Cannabist Show, a Q/A with a few of the top dogs, Ignite talks and a movie screening.

Can you smoke: Probably not happening here, but who knows!



  1. Colorado Highlife’s Denver 420 Fest 2016

 When: April 15th-17th

Where: 3600 Wynkoop St. 80216

Deets: Lil Flip, DJ Chris Diablo perform with an appearance from Method Man. Food and drink vendors will be in the area!

Can you smoke: Yes, there will be party buses that will accommodate the big smokers!

How: Tickets are available for $16.00 HERE. Or, if you are a veteran or in the cannabis industry you can get in for free at the link above!


  1. Infused Dinner Party with Colorado Cannabis Tours

When: April 15th, 7:30 pm

Where: TBA

Deets:  Have a relaxing dinner with 3 cannabis infused courses! Potency based on guest’s wishes.

Can you smoke: Yes, this is a BYOC dinner!

Tickets: GET THEM by calling 303-420-TOUR!


  1. The Grow School’s, Legal Indoor Growing Class

When: April 16th

Where: East Denver, TBA

Deets: This class teaches the basics of indoor growing for residents in legal states and includes a grow book and a year of, “Garden Support.”

Can you smoke: Probably, but nothing is stated explicitly.



  1. iBake’s 420 VIP Party

 When: April 16th thru 420!!

 Where: 6125 Washington St.

 Deets: Bring your own oil, hash, flower, resin, etc. and enjoy the fun times at iBake! 2 VIP areas, vendors, food and live performances.

 Can you smoke: YES!!!

 Tickets: GET THEM HERE!


    6.  Chronic Magazine’s Mobile Smoking Lounge and Party Bus

 When: April 16th thru 420!!

 Where: 12 Federal Blvd

 Deets: 40 ft. tour bus that takes you to TONS of the events in Denver!

 Can you smoke: YES!!!

 Tickets: GET THEM HERE!


  1. What: The Official Denver 420 Rally

When: April 16th, 10 am to 9 pm

Where: Denver Civic City Park

Deets: A day long rally to celebrate the normalization of marijuana that ends with Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne performing for an expected 100,000 guests.

Can you smoke: It’s not legal to smoke outside, but…?



  1. What: My 420 Tours presents: Cannabis Cooking Class

 When: April 17th, 1:30 pm

 Where: Stir to Learn, 3215 Zuni St.

 Deets: Learn to cook with cannabis in a state-of-the-art kitchen with some of the best infusion chefs around.

 Can you smoke: Not specified.

 Tickets: GET THEM HERE!


  1. What: Twisted Sister Yoga; Easy like Sunday Morning

 When: April 17th, 10 am

 Where: 3835 Elm St.

 Deets: Join in an hour long yoga session sponsored by DANK!

 Can you smoke: Before and after only.

 Tickets: Call to sign up: 303-523-5891


     10. What: Compassesh

 When: April 18th-19th

 Where: TBA

 Deets: A free event, usually happening in California with, smoking competitions complete with prizes, free samples and games!

 Can you smoke: DEFINITELY!!

 Tickets: Register with your ID: HERE!


  1. What: Lap of Luxury International’s 420 on the Slopes

When: Starts April 19th

Where: Breckenridge, CO

Deets: Enjoy 3 days of fun with skiing and cannabis! It’s a package deal with food and accommodations included!

Can you smoke: With 3 days of fun, I am sure there will be plenty of time and opportunity to indulge!



  1. What: High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup Awards and Concerts

When: April 19th 6-11 pm

Where: 11450 Broomfield Lane, Broomfield, CO 80021

Deets: Colorado cannabis cup awards show and concert featuring Cypress Hill.

Can you smoke: Not supposed to, there will be bag searches.



  1. What: 420 EVE on the Rocks: Method Man and Red Man

When: April 19th, at 4 pm

Where: Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Deets: Dizzy Wright, Ghost Face Killah, and others perform for the eve of 420 at Red Rocks.

 Can you smoke: It’s a concert!!

 Tickets: GET THEM HERE!


  1. What: West420 Presents, PoTourist/West

 When: April 19th

 Where: 1245 Champa St.

 Deets: Learn all about the travel and cannabis industry! (Guess who will probably be there??)

 Can you smoke: No, but you can find all of the luxurious places in the world that will let you indulge in the ganja!

 Tickets: GET THEM HERE!


  1. What: Soul Mind Flesh presents, Smoke Music Festival

 When: 420!!! Starts at 7 pm.

 Where: Bar Standard, 1037 Broadway

 Deets: Indie artists concert and smoke festival!!

 Can you smoke: Probably, but it doesn’t state this explicitly.

 Tickets: GET THEM HERE!


  1. What: Geekgang’s 420 Day party 

When: 420!!!

Where: Unsure, just states, “Civic Center Park” as location.

Deets: High Fashion and Hookahs is what this party is all about!

 Can you smoke: Probably!

 Tickets: GET THEM HERE!


     17. What: “Wellness Retreat” with Snoop and Future

When: 420!!! 4:30 pm- midnight

Where: 6350 Greenwood Plaza Blvd. Greenwood Village, 80111

Deets: Join one of the most well-known smokers in celebrating the 420 holiday!

Can you smoke: It’s at a theatre… with Snoop, so…



  1. What: Center Mass Media’s 420 at the Glitter Dome!

When: 420!!! Starts at noon!

Where: Glitter Dome, 3600 Wynkoop St.

Deets: A day of cannabis themed fun with Paul Wall from Houston, Texas!!

Can you smoke: Not officially…



  1. What: Massroots 420 Fest

When: 420!!! 6-10 pm

Where: Boulder House, 1109 Walnut Street, Boulder, 80302

Deets: It’s a mini-festival with food vendors, glassblowers, entertainment and giveaways; Massroots style!

Can you smoke:  Probably!!



  1. What: Rigs 4 Us presents the 1st Official Colorado Cup 4/20

When: 420!!! 2-11pm

Where: 5912 E. Colfax Ave.

Deets: The first Colorado Cup with free entry to everyone. Tickets for guest judges available!

Can you smoke: Yep!

Tickets: Email denver420events@gmail.com to register!


Whatever it is you decide to do this 4/20 holiday, please remember to consume responsibly. Travel high!



  1. You forgot the number one event!!! Club Colorado is giving away to all 300 attendees to the Club Colorado First Anniversary and Favorite Spring Flower Members Choice Awards their share of over 6 lbs of cannabis, a FlicWic Lighter, Naked Rolling Papers, a 4 inch Glass Pipe, a MedTainer Grinder, and much, much MORE at this all day entertainment extravaganza!!! Tickets at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/club-colorados-first-anniversary-and-favorite-spring-flower-mca-tickets-24334019708


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