Mason Jars and Marijuana

Yesterday, some of the crème of the cannabis crop gathered for the Mason Jar Seasonal dinner named, “SPRING” hosted by Kendal Norris of the Mason Jar Event group. The 5th event held by this group occurs with the changing of the seasons and is beautifully prepared and presented.Snapchat-7724232813766686819

The guests chose to drive to the dinner, or they took one of the two cannabis friendly party buses up the mountain to the small casino town of Black Hawk (location changes with the season). Upon arrival, each person picked up their goody bag with all of the necessary provisions for the evening (and lots to take home to enjoy as well) from the MiNDFUL dispensary right across the street from the dinner locale.

After picking up their goody bags, the company met their hostess at the restaurant. Name tags were passed around, a signature drink was shaken up by a couple of experienced bartenders and h’ordeuvres floated around the restaurant and bar.

Live music, by The Big Swing Trio, welcomed the guests into the large dining area. Seating was not assigned, but every table was equally beautiful. Flowers abound and decoration on point, the Mason Jar Event Group did not miss a thing.

20160324_184938-1-01Bec Koop and team, with Buds and Blossoms (and who recently hosted the first ever Cannabis Wedding Expo), did all of the gorgeous flower arrangements with long moss table runners and huge flower bouquets with tree trunk vases. From drinking glasses to little homemade lanterns, mason jars were strategically used throughout the venue. Not cheap, nor gaudy, these little jars, by Urban Annie’s Décor, gave just the right touch of home.

On the upstairs balcony, bongs and pipes floated around among visitors while they anticipated the start of the dinner. Selfies, Snapchats and Tweets were going on all around as the guests began to settle into their cocktails and cannabis. The hive was buzzing with excitement, even those who had been 4 times before.

After about an hour of mingling, the announcement for dinner was made. Everyone meandered over to their seat and the dinner party began.

Chef Hosea Rosenberg and the Blackbelly Market team, who have hosted dinners with this group before, titillated the taste buds of the crowd with 3 courses. Plenty of Pax dry herb pens were passed around to pair 2 of the courses. The nation’s top edibles seller, Incredibles, was used to top the last course. Each bite was absolutely luscious. So much so, someone might have brought leftovers back on the party bus. Could just be a rumor though.

IMG_20160324_190502Wine, weed and conversation flowered throughout the space as the first course was served. “Roots & Shoots” Salad paired with a 2013 Tete du Rhone Blanc and MiNDFUL’s Sour Boss. As everyone nibbled on their salads, the hostess and presenting hosts spoke.

As the main course came out, so did the giggles. It was like watching a stadium of fans doing the wave during the game. Table after table, the laughter rose, fell and repeated.

Braised beef “Country Ribs” and house made sausage were served on a big platter with a side of wild rice and roast spring vegetables paired with a 2010 Alain Jaume et Fils Rasteau Les Valats. Pax vaporizers were passed around again, this time with some Triangle Kush.

More of the sponsors spoke, gave out prizes and even did some fun trivia. The crowd was thoroughly entertained and educated as they consumed all of the wonderful things in front of them.

Dessert was next and could be eaten at least twice a day; Sea salt caramel & Chocolate Budino with Toasted Pistachio. Each guest could choose the amount of Salted Pistachio and Mint Chocolate bar they wanted to put on top of the delectable dessert. The entire bar was 100 mg. Most used 20 or so. Hot tea came along with this course, compliments of The Tea Spot, and was a perfect complement to the sweet dessert.

20160325_123950-01A cheese and fruit platter along with MiNDFUL’S Jackson’s Jambo was passed around as the dinner drew to a close. No one looked overly drunk or high. No one stumbled, slurred or fell asleep. It was just like any other posh dinner party, but with cannabis in the mix.

The party buses pulled off just after 10 with all of the guests. Still exhilarated from the evening, someone put on some music and everyone started dancing in their seats. The hour long ride up the mountain took what seemed to be just ten minutes to coming down. The excitement did not die down until we pulled into the parking lot. Everyone said their goodbyes and went on their ways.

The Mason Jar Event Group brought this dinner together for the celebration of the normalization of cannabis. According to their website, the, “Mason Jar is a cultural symbol of holidays, good times and the things that bond together new friends and old. This is a vessel of sharing and of the unity that connects us as friends and family around food and fun.” Last night was exactly that.

Thank you Kendall, for taking a Mason jar and turning it into this beautifully, unique event.



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