High Times Cannabis Cup, Take 2.

The first few hours of the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, California were pretty laid back. As people got off work and touched down into LAX, it was easy to get to the stage to see the performers and walking up to most big booths to do a dab without waiting in line was a cinch. Even though it was pretty chill, the fun was all around. As the night began to creep in, the crowds began to propagate.

The first evening Wiz Khalifa showed up and gave an amazing performance.

And the crowd definitely, “kept it lit!”

Day 2 of the cup was a lot like day 1. Not so crowded during the day, which gave me a chance to get my bearings. The cup was held at NOS Events Center, which is as big as some state fair grounds. There was a section for food, with at least 30 food trucks. There were 3 smaller stages and the main stage. The VIP was completely separate and full of all kinds of fun; video games, sectionals, a dab bar and a regular bar. This event was incredible.

Paul Wall keeps the crowd hype during his quick day performance at the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, CA.

I got a chance to meet (and even hang out with) a few of my favorite canna-celebrities!

The last day of the cup was no slouch. More impressive fun throughout the day. This is the day I finally found the 3rd stage and spent some real time in the VIP, haha. The event was coming to a close but I was ready for more.

This cup left me wanting more. High Times may have stuck out the first round, but they definitely hit a home run with this one. Can hardly wait for the Pueblo, Colorado Cannabis Cup!


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