Nativ Hotel; The 1st Cannabis Friendly Hotel?

On one of my trips to Denver, I tried to find a hotel that was cannabis friendly. I simply got online and conducted the search, “cannabis friendly hotels in Denver.” The first hotel the search engine displayed was Nativ Hotel. I read a little about the hotel through their website and booked a room for 2 nights, at about $300 per night (The cost of the room has now decreased significantly).

After booking the room, I noticed it did not have a balcony for me to partake in my fine, Colorado cannabis. I called the hotel right away and asked them whether I should change rooms or not. The woman on the other end of the line assured me that it would be just fine for me to smoke in my room. What she said was, “Whatever happens behind the elevator doors is private.” She also said something about the hotel not acting on complaints of marijuana smoke. After hanging up, I became stoked about staying at the hotel. This was revolutionary. A hotel that is cannabis friendly? Unheard of in the United States, until now.

Honestly, I did look over the hotel’s website quite a bit to see if I could find anything that advertised they were cannabis friendly. And I did not find a single thing that indicated they were, or anything that denied it either. I did hear about their CBD infused coffee though, but it was not advertised by Nativ Hotel at the time I looked over the site.

I arrived at the hotel to find no valet. I parked in front and walked inside. I saw a small pulpit with a woman behind it. I walked up and asked where check-in was and she informed me that I was standing at it. A little surprised, I proceeded to check in. I asked about the bell hop and she informed that they did not have one. She offered to carry the luggage upstairs. When inquiring about the valet, I found out I would have to park in the lot next door as they only have valet on Friday and Saturday nights. And you have to pick your car up by 2 a.m. when the valet leaves for the night. So, I parked in the lot next door the first day.

In the process of checking in, the woman gave me some paperwork to sign. In this paperwork, I had to agree not to indulge in cannabis anywhere in the hotel, including my hotel room. I was shocked.

Taking my key and luggage up to the room, I lit up a joint. I walked around the room, smoking freely, and checked everything out. To be completely blunt, (ha ha) the place looked unfinished. Pictures and rugs were needed throughout. Disappointed, I finished up my joint and went to the hotel bar.

The drinks were great and the food was pretty good as well. A bit pricey, but not disappointing. I chatted with the bartender who had no idea about the Denver cannabis laws, but was the winner of a bartending competition in the hotel the week before. His attitude about cannabis was obviously negative and he told me you could go to jail for smoking on the street or in a hotel. WRONG!

During my stay, I had issues getting my room made up, getting my car in and out of the place, and more. On the first morning, I went to the coffee shop in the hotel, hoping to have their CBD infused coffee only to find out they no longer served it. The barista explained that the hotel had to pick between the infused coffee and their liquor license. They picked their liquor license.

I finally talked to the marketing director on my second evening at the hotel. She told me the hotel was struggling to get everything together. She made clear that the people involved in the project had run restaurants before, but had never run a hotel and were having a hard time keeping it all together.

She assured me that they would have a full time valet and bellhop within the next 3 months. Along with that, she was positive that they would have the rooms fully furnished and the suites on the top floor ready to be rented.

I went out to dinner and came back to the hotel. I ran into the marketing director again and she took me on a tour of the club downstairs. She let me know that no one was allowed to consume cannabis in the club either. She told me that Snoop had come to the hotel and wanted to smoke all over the place. They had to tell him he couldn’t smoke in the lobby. But, he did smoke in the club. Everyone did that night.

After the tour, the marketing director told me she left a little surprise in my room and apologized again for the misunderstanding with housekeeping. In my room, I found a bottle of the free champagne they were offering for ladies night. Upon checking out, I thought my bill would reflect another, “little surprise.” I was wrong.

I didn’t go back for more than 3 months. But, one day I was walking by with a friend who needed to use the restroom and I suggested the Nativ. We walked in and while they made a beeline for the restroom, I sat in one of the hotel’s cool chairs.

One of the women who work there walked right up to me and asked me if she could help me with anything. I started chatting with her about the hotel. I asked about the valet and the bellhop. She said, “We have a luggage cart. And the valet is here on weekend nights.” (To park cars for the club.) ‘Interesting,’ I thought. I went on to ask about their smoking policy. She read me the same script I was read before. No cannabis use is allowed in the hotel at all. Not in the lobby or club. And not in the rooms.

I did use cannabis in my room. The entire stay. I did not use it in the lobby or in the club, but I would have if the club were packed. I think the hotel is just like many other places in Denver. Some places may formally say one thing and do another. I know quite a few public places I can go and smoke or vape cannabis without being bothered. But, I want a place that is open about their cannabis friendliness. Nativ Hotel is NOT friendly.



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