Women Grow’s Leadership Summit

I’ve written for (and been published in) quite a few different publications and small business websites. This is the first time, however, that I have been published in the cannabis field.

A speaker at Women Grow Leadership Summit shares great information with the audience!

I have been writing and researching the plant for over 18 years, for my own satisfaction (or for college assignments) and just started a blog to publish some of my work in the last year.

Today, in fact, is my blog’s one year anniversary! Thanks to everyone who has followed my shenanigans over the last 365. There are plenty more to come! (Check out my tentative 2016 schedule HERE!)

Last week, as part learning the cannabis culture of Denver, I volunteered at the Women Grow Leadership Summit. While I was there, I was asked to write about my experience. I just discovered that it has been published! Woo hoo!

Follow this link http://cannabisnowmagazine.com/cannabis/industry-events/women-of-the-cannabis-industry-large-in-charge to read my first, published article on the Women Grow Leadership Summit! Thank you again for being part of Travel and Cannabis!


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