How I got my Medical Marijuana Card

On my last trip to Denver, I decided I needed to secure my medical card. I’d just moved into my new place the month before and was chomping at the bit to get back to town and get it done.

I’d met Mary a few months earlier at IBake Denver. She is a chipper woman with a great personality. I’d met another friend, Molly, the same day who had just moved from North Carolina. As the three of us talked away, we got into the subject of getting a medical card. She gave each of us a card with her doctor’s information on it. It even had a coupon we could use. I kept that card and pondered the possibilities for weeks.

Before I even got back into town, I inboxed Mary and told her I was ready to come in. We set up a date and I was soon on a flight back to Denver. Molly picked me up from the airport and we discovered we both scheduled with Mary on the same day! How great is that??

On the day of the appointment, Molly and I rode together through the unfamiliar streets of Denver. We parked on the curb of a small building and looked for a sign to point us in the right direction. We quickly found it and went inside.

A receptionist greeted us right inside the door. She looked a whole lot like our new friend, Mary. When she started talking, Molly and I were absolutely convinced that they were immediate family. Out pops Mary, who gives us hugs and introduces us to the receptionist. We soon find out they are not related at all.

The two are so similar though, that I probe a bit more. ‘Are you sure?’ I ask. This can’t be right. They were sure. The story was that when Mary came into town, she went to a Women Grow meeting. At the meeting, she met Jane West, who is friends with the receptionist. Ms. West called the receptionist right away and said that she had a new employee for her office standing in front of her. Mary went for the interview the next day and they all lived happily ever after. Great story!

Now, back to the deed at hand. I filled out a few pages of paperwork (including an added page for my higher plant count request) and signed my name in a few places. I was asked about why I need cannabis, the type of pain I have; how long and how often I experience pain. They asked about felonies in the last 10 years, all basic information like name, date of birth, address (which needs to be in Colorado), etc.

After turning in the paperwork, we each had our vitals read; blood pressure and temperature. This was also the stop where payment was made. I paid a total of $175 for everything. Then, it was back to the waiting room to talk it up a bit more with everyone.

The final step was to see the doctor. We walked back to his office together and sat down at his desk. He asked me a ton of questions about my paperwork. He wanted to know the level of pain I was in on a 1-10. He wanted to know how long and how often I was in pain. Then, he did a quick, physical exam.

Upon returning to the waiting room, I was told that my application would not be approved by the state. Since I didn’t have a Colorado driver’s license (or ID), my paperwork would be denied. The state is no longer accepting utility bills as proof of residency.

‘What do we do?’ I asked. The receptionist told us we could turn it in anyway if I would like. That would give us 30 days, or so to get my driver’s license switched over. However, it would take another 30 days or so after that to get the official medical card.

She let us know that we would be getting temporary medical paperwork before we left the office. This paperwork could be used Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm to shop on the medical side of dispensaries for the next 30 days. ‘Hell yeah!’ I thought to myself.

The other choice was to take my utility bill over to the DMV and get my temporary license. That’s exactly what we did. Molly and I took another hour and half out of our day (some of that time we were lost and in the wrong place) to get it done. The DMV lines were short, so we waited maybe 20 minutes tops.

While we were waiting, we noticed we needed to have 2 ways to prove we were now residents of the state. Molly came up with the great idea of having her insurance faxed over the DMV. We searched and searched for a fax number, but couldn’t find one. When her number was called, she got the fax number from the lady behind the desk. I got on the phone and called up my insurance carrier as well. My fax was in their office before my name was called. Once we had our pictures taken, we were on our way.

We both had something to do after that, so we did not actually get to shop on the medical side until the next Monday. I have shopped several times on the medical side now. I’ve gotta say, it is the best! I can get good strains at a greatly discounted price. The wait is shorter, or non-existent. I am still just as exuberant when I go into the medical side as I was on the recreational side, but most people are okay with that. Honestly, I have saved more than the $175 it cost for the doctor’s appointment in the last 30 days by shopping in the medical dispensaries.

Overall, the adventure of getting my medical card was pretty simple. The hardest part thus far, was moving here. I did not get my card in the mail right away, so I  was not sure I would actually be approved. I kept my fingers crossed and…

Yesterday, I got my card in the mail. I have a license to smoke cannabis! No more are the days of being scared of having a joint in my pocket. Now, I can legally have an ounce on me in public and even more than that in my own home. Liberation just keeps getting better and better!

So, what’s next you ask? Why I think I will get my badge, so I can delve further into the cannabis industry. I would be really interested in trimming for a day or two, or cutting plants or, or, or… I can hardly wait to be truly immersed in the cannabis culture of Denver! Come join me!

Legal Cannabis Consumption



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