Want to move to a cannabis friendly state? Here’s what I did!

cropped-img_20150518_150313_resized1.jpgThrough my adventures in Travel and Cannabis, I really started to like the enormous freedom I felt when I visited legal states. The cannabis options were endless while I was on vacation, but I was beginning to be miserable in my red, home state.  So, I began exploring options on how to get out of my state. I looked into several cannabis friendly cities and narrowed it down to San Francisco and Denver.

I began researching all of the possible things I could do in the cannabis industry; everything from budtending and trimming to going to Oaksterdam full time. I then began looking into the cost of moving. When I got to the difference in the cost of living in San Francisco, my choice was made. Denver was going to be my new home!

I started applying for jobs about 5 months before I actually moved, mostly with companies already in the cannabis industry, but some that were not affiliated. I didn’t really want to move here and be at work all of the time, so I looked for a lot of contract work as well.

I also used this time to start getting my foot in the cannabis door. I attended the National Cannabis Summit, where I met many Denver residents who are in the industry. I figured out that I need to spend some major time in Denver before I decide what I want to do here. I would visit iBake Denver when I was in town in order to get good tips and information on moving. IBake is a great place to go for information. Plus, you can get high while you learn. Can’t beat that! I actually met my new neighbor at iBake. We just had our first sesh yesterday. Cool dude!

cannabis traveler, how to find weed out of townInstagram has also been a big help. I have met some of the people I talk to through my page, including one recent transplant from the Carolinas, whom I text with even when I was back in my illegal state. Having people I could reach out to while I was still just visiting definitely encouraged me to continue working toward my big move. The support on my page has also been something that has kept me exuberant about my big move. A special thank you to each and every one of you!

As the time to make some of the big moves came closer, I began doing some research. In order to find a good spot, I looked online at maps of the city to find the best neighborhoods. Then I found apartments in those neighborhoods. I began visiting Denver and no other cities (I am travel and cannabis after all, so only visiting Denver has been hard) in order to prep for the move and to personally see what I was looking at online.

On one trip, I drove to about 7 different apartment complexes, but only looked inside of 3. This trip helped me quickly figured out I did not want to live anywhere other than in the middle of the constant action of downtown.

When I came home from that trip, I basically bought another plane ticket because I didn’t feel like I had seen enough. I was back in town a month later with 2 new places to look into. This time, I was serious about moving.

I decided I was going to be very open and honest with the leasing agents. I let each of them know that I was here for the, “gold rush” and that I wanted to smoke in my apartment. The agent at the first stop understood what I was talking about and told me that basically they turn a blind eye. The agent at the last stop said the same thing, but added excitedly, “We have at least 3 people who live here and are in the cannabis industry.” I asked her how she knew. She told me that they used their business as their source of income on their apartment application! Well, hell yes!

The second community I visited that day had a Leafly banner hanging on one side of the building. I was pumped when I saw it and thought I had found my new home. I walked in and talked to a leasing agent. I told her I was moving here for the, “green rush” just as I had told everyone else. I let her know I was interested in smoking in my apartment. She said that you’re not really supposed to, but that she didn’t think anyone would care. She also let me know that people just walk outside and smoke as well. I let her know that smoking in public was illegal. She gave me a curious look and said she didn’t know that. I told her all of the information in my article, “Where to indulge in the Ganja while visiting Denver.” She still looked confused.

I asked her what the consequences would be if I were to be caught smoking in my apartment. She said the 1st time would be a courtesy phone call letting me know someone complained, but that she highly doubted anyone would. She also stated that the 2nd time would be a written note. The 3rd time would be a personal visit. She assured me that this would likely never occur at all. This made me feel a little better.

how to move to DenverSo, I asked her about the Leafly sign on the building. She told me it belonged to a resident and that it was going to have to come down. I told her that that sign made me want to come in and sign the lease right then and there. She looked at me once again, confused.

I finally handed the lady my card, with a clear picture of cannabis on it. She studied the card and I could see the light come on. She said, “Oh you’re talking about marijuana??  I thought you were talking about cigarettes!” We both had a laugh, but her attitude changed.

Her colleague took me to look at the apartment and amenities, which included a pool. When I came back from the tour, I went in and talked to the confused agent again. She informed me that she was mistaken. If I was caught smoking cannabis in my apartment, I would be evicted. Their rules stated cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug and they have a zero tolerance policy. Wow! Obviously, I am not living there.

Three days after getting back from that trip, I was approved for an apartment. I was planning on moving a month later, but some things happened and I already had my money together. I decided to just go with the flow and move in.

I had a little over two weeks between the approval and the move in, so I had to get busy. I ordered a bed and mattress and scheduled a delivery. I was going to be on a high floor and didn’t plan on bringing a car to Denver so I had to plan for that as well. I ordered some little odds and ends that I thought I would need, but the only furniture I knew I would have was a bed. That was good enough for me.

I stepped off the plane and came over to my new place. Since I have arrived, it has been non-stop action. I’ve been on 3 dispensary tours. I went on one all day cannabis tour from clone to dispensary. This company is ahead of its time, check them out: G Element Technologies. I went to the Champ’s Trade Show (thanks to BGood). I’ve spent time with several new soon-to-be friends. I went to Coohills (I love that place) for an evening of fun and relaxation. I went to industry night at Grow Big Supply. Tonight I am going to get into some live reggae. I truly feel like I have found my place in the world. Now I just have to figure out exactly where I want to be in the cannabis scene! All suggestions are welcome.



  1. You are so interesting! I don’t think I’ve truly read a single thing like this before.
    So wonderful to find someone with some genuine thoughts on this subject.
    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This website is one thing that is needed
    on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

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