Where to Indulge in the Ganja While Visiting Denver

Private Pot Club, Denver marijuana
Ibake, a Dab Bar (private cannabis club) in Denver, Colorado.

by: M. Jay, The Budding Cannasseur

So you heard it is illegal to smoke in public in Colorado. Now you’re wondering where to blaze up when visiting Denver? It isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Hotel balconies/Private balconies/patios:

The rule here is if you are in the view of the public eye, you are not truly in private. So, any private balconies and patios that do not face the street will work here. Most restaurants have liquor licenses and so they are not allowed to have cannabis consumed on their property. Some will look the other way. Others will kick you out. My advice? Stick to your hotel balcony. And, ask for a higher floor.

On 16th street:

Fines can happen here though, so be careful! According to the Denver Post, the fine is a mere $100. When I found this information, I decided right then and there that I was going to partake while walking down 16th street mall.  For the full article from Denver Post, click here.

Public Park:

When I arrived in Denver, I hit the streets of downtown. I met some guys who were standing right outside of my hotel who were rolling up a blunt. We walked over to the Civic Center Park and smoked with some other people hanging out around there.

A few days later I stopped by the same park to enjoy food truck Thursday (Civic Center Eats) and had a quick sesh with a couple of fellow tokers in another part of the same park. There was even a police officer nearby. Just remember there is a fine if you get caught!

Dab Bar/ Speakeasy:

They get busted often and shut down… iBAKE has been the only successful one thus far. Others to look up include Gary’s Spot and Grassroots California.


The Crown Plaza, Nativ Hotel and the Warwick have all verbally confirmed that smoking in the rooms (vape pens in the rooms at Crown Plaza and the Warwick) is permitted. However, none of them have put it in writing. In fact, both Nativ and Warwick have written proof to say just the opposite. The signals here are mixed for some reason, but I really have had no problem smoking cannabis in any hotel, in any state. So, I think it is just hooey. They want to cover their a**** in order to keep their company in business. If it were me, I would do all I could to stay within the law, but I would definitely cater to the cannabis smokers! Excited to see the new resort in South Dakota open!

Cannabis friendly accommodations:

You can always book a cannabis friendly place from airbnb.com. You can get an apartment for the same price as (or cheaper) than any of the rooms I listed above. Check out my review on one of the hotels I mentioned above: Review of Cannabis Friendly Hotel in Downtown Denver.

 Limo/Car service:

There are several options for this. You can get a quick ride from the airport to downtown. You can do a private tour. You can have cannabis friendly car service your entire trip. It is your choice. Some of the places to look into are: City Sessions, 420 tours or Colorado High Life Tours.

Overall, no one is really all that concerned with where cannabis consumption takes place. Including the police. But, be careful. Be aware of your surroundings. Try your best to be as legal as possible. Think of the consequences before you take any action.


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