Is Stop and Search really just racial profiling?

Stop and search efforts have led to what some call racial profiling. The stop and search policy was initiated to help decrease drugs and drug dealing in inner city neighborhoods. The goal was to crackdown on drugs in specific neighborhoods, but what it does is target young, black males. This means police officers can stop and search citizens without having reasonable cause. The police department uses this policy in a negative fashion and the community watches, horrified.  This leads to the community being untrusting of the police and the police feeling like it is them against the community.

The war on drugs has also strongly effected the female population. Although women are not generally the sex who is responsible for criminal activity, vigorous drug law enforcement has created a sect for them. Women are effected by the arrest of the head of household. They are affected when their children become part of the drug world. Some women are directly involved, doing drugs themselves. Some are put in jail; taken away from their families. While others refuse to see a doctor when they are expecting because they know they could have their child taken away from them, or end up in jail themselves.

The stop and search policy does nothing more than add to the overcrowding of jails and the mistrust of citizens toward enforcement efforts. If someone is doing nothing to evoke police attention, they should be left to continue on their way.  Racial profiling should not be allowed, let alone, encouraged by law enforcement.


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