Austin’s Back Alleys Filled with Priceless Art

Graffiti park in TexasHOPE Outdoor Gallery Baylor Street, Austin, Texas

First up is Austin’s huge Graffiti Park on 12th and Baylor. This place is gigantic. Murals are painted all over the walls by professionals (look below for a picture of one guy making his mark on the wall as requested by the Park’s caretakers). The murals are always changing and anyone can grab a can of paint and create to their heart’s content on the designated walls. This place is great for a weekend family outing, but is not a good place to chill and smoke during the day. There are tourists everywhere.paint, caps, spray paint, ladders

Austin Graffiti Park, blue haired girl, travel and cannabis 20150728_144158 20150728_144225 20150728_144526 20150728_144555 20150728_143616 20150728_143637 20150728_143656 20150728_143733 20150728_144021 20150728_144316

Downtown Walking Tour

You can find murals all over downtown Austin, but I stuck between 5th & 6th streets and Red River & San Jacinto to find all of these different murals. I took about an hour and a half and stopped to talk to a couple of people along the way. Smoking anything other than a vape pen in downtown Austin is not recommended. There are police officers everywhere and if you look it up, you will see many MJ arrests on 6th street. I suggest smoking on a balcony or in your room. I have smoked in the Hilton Austin on 4th Street and did not have any problems. Anyway, back to the art:

Great graffiti in Austin TexasOpen your mind 20150728_123736 Downtown Austin, graffiti, art, cannabis Austin Texas, graffiti, downtown art graffiti art, Downtown Austin cartoon art, outdoor, travel, cannabis Back alley graffiti, Austin outdoor art, Austin graffiti funny looking pacman, traveling in Austin, graffiti and cannabis walking mural tour Little bar by Carmelos Clown, circus, freakshow, Austin, Texas graffiti in downtown Austin many different murals on one wall man with beard and hat Man with beard wall art Austin murals

Random Places Throughout Austin

After all of my graffiti hunting, I thought I was finished. But, as my trip continued, I kept seeing more interesting pieces. One was by the graffiti park on the wall at Goodwill. The address is 914 N Lamar. I also found one on 3rd and Guadalupe, just inside of a parking garage. The only one I really wanted to visit, but didn’t get a chance to was the big Texas mural at 3700 Guadalupe. murals in Austin Goodwill wall art in Austin, Texas

20150728_151207rooftop graffiti

I don’t think I really even scratched the surface when it comes to the murals and graffiti in Austin, Texas. I invite and encourage you to make up your own graffiti tour in the city you live in. Just google your town’s name and graffiti and I will bet you’ll find some pretty interesting things. I sure did.


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