Cannabis friendly Hotel in Downtown Denver (Name given!)

downtown view of DenverDowntown Denver is always a fun place for cannabis smokers to roam around without having to use a car. I almost always stay downtown when I am there, but I hadn’t had any luck finding true cannabis friendly hotels. I used a 3rd party to book the room;

When I arrived at the hotel in Downtown Denver, my reservations were found and my keys were issued with no problem. However, when I asked about the, “smoking patio” that was promised on the website, the guy looked at me kind of funny. He had to ask someone else about the patio. This guy knew what I was talking about and quickly told me it was on the second floor.

My bags were brought up to the suite. There was no balcony, but that was okay because the website said vaping was allowed in the room. Since I plan ahead so well (sometimes), I went to Native Roots when I first landed and picked up a vape pen.

Marijuana in a vape pen

The room I booked was a suite with a separate bedroom and living room. The entire room was updated and the design was very nice. The doors between the rooms were sliding doors. They were very sturdy and brought the room together nicely.

Marijuana friendly hotel in Denver

Cannabis Friendly Hotel

The views from the room were nice. You could see some of downtown Denver. But, you could also see the mountains. Unfortunately, my picture did no justice for the beautiful mountain view!

Hotel with a tolerance for marijuana smokers

Of course now I was ready to go see the patio and smoke a joint. I was hoping I could find other out of town smokers there to get their take on Colorado’s cannabis. However, when I went to the second floor, all I found was a parking lot.

Where's the patio???

I looked left and right and I could not find a thing! I even went up to the third floor, which was a covered garage. Definitely nothing there. I was so confused. As I was walking back toward the elevator, I noticed a guy standing by his car. I asked him if he knew about a smoking patio. He said that there used to be one, but the police shut it down. He then directed me to this:

marijuana cannabis travel tourists

Advertised as a cannabis friendly patio at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Downtown Denver, this was definitely not that. There wasn’t even anywhere to sit. The guy in the garage said that the area just below the word, “Pavilions” had a table and chairs. He said they were taken out just days before I arrived. The smoking patio is no longer in existence and I’m not sure it ever was. At this point, I was feeling a bit duped!

I walked over to the edge and leaned against the sturdy, yellow bars and looked out at the view. It was quite beautiful! I wished there were chairs and a table at that moment. I could have sat around and looked at the view for 20 minutes, at least! Just enough time to finish my small joint. But, I didn’t.

downtown view of Denver

Although I was disappointed, I moved on to the next event for the evening. H’ordeuvres and wine. advertised a special concierge lounge which offered h’ordeuvres and drinks in the evening and a small buffet breakfast in the morning. This was quite enjoyable. There were nice people to talk to and good food and drinks. There was also quite a nice ambiance and suitable furniture to encourage people to hang around a bit.

Concierge level Crowne Plaza Chocolate Chip bar at Crowne Plaza

I went back up to the room and enjoyed the vape pen a bit more before heading to dinner. I ate at Moe’s BBQ and got to do some bowling while I had my dinner! It was nothing I had ever experienced before and a ton of fun!

When I got back to the room, I was too tired to go back to the so-called “smoking patio.” So, I just blazed up inside! Nobody bothered me about it for the entire 4 days of my stay!

cannabis and travel

I was quite upset about the false advertising. I even contacted about it. But, to no avail. Nothing ever came of it. Even an apology was hard pressed from the guy!

Would I stay again or not? Yes. But, it would not be my first choice. Nor will I be using to book my room in Colorado, or Washington for that matter. I think I have it figured out now without the use of a 3rd party. Thanks anyway.



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