What does a marijuana dispensary look like inside?

During my travels to states with legal, recreational marijuana, I have really enjoyed visiting the new dispensaries. They have gotten better and better over the last year and almost 5 months. They have started having some organization to the chaos, the interior design and overall ambiance has gotten better. Best of all, in most of the dispensaries, the knowledge of the budtenders on the recreational side and the entire supporting staff is astounding! Just thought I would share a few of Denver’s dispensaries with you!

Lodo Wellness Center, near Larimer Square in Denver, CO.

Legal Marijuana

Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Denver, Colorado. The design of the place was upscale with painted walls, décor, a waiting room and a friendly, organized staff. I saw a sign painted on a building and had a hard time finding the entrance. But, it was worth it when I did!
Recreational dispensary in Denver
Lodo Wellness’s entry. The people are welcoming, knowledgeable and accommodating. Pictures were allowed of everything except people.
Waiting area marijuana dispensary
This is the waiting area at the dispensary. There was so much to read and look at, I never got a chance to sit down before I went inside.
marijuana magazines
There was so much information in the Lodo Wellness Center dispensary. I love educating myself on the marijuana culture! (CLICK HERE for Rooster or CLICK HERE for Westword!)
Marijuana Plants in Denver Dispensary
This dispensary had a grow room!! There is a viewing window (kind of like the newborn viewing room at the hospital) where you can see plants at all different points of growth. Amazing!
Cannabis dispensary in Colorado
Information and décor at Lodo recreational dispensary. The Eastern Indian theme was very relaxing and upscale. A very nice place to spend some time in.
Mason jars of weed
Choices, choices! You can purchase as little as a gram, or as much as an ounce if you’re a resident of the state. Or, a 1/4 oz. if you are an out-of-state visitor like me.
Indica L.A. Kush
Lodo Wellness Center’s recreational marijuana strains were plentiful! I had a lot to choose from!
Cannabis products
Love the TV on the wall with the products scrolling down the screen. Very classy!
Rolling joints at the dispensary
Blue Dream Shake on a scale, ready to be rolled up just for me! The people here were so friendly, there is no question that I will be back next trip.
No public cannabis use
Where do tourists smoke? Well, there are quite a few options! Stay tuned for my next blog that will tell you just that! I know one thing, no smoking in the dispensary!
THC infused food
Tinctures, candies, oils, cookies, all infused with THC! The choices at this dispensary were mind blowing! Lodo Wellness Center is a great dispensary!
THC edibles
Lodo marijuana dispensary edibles, granola bar and cookies.
marijuana cookies and a pipe full of cannabis
Chocolate Chip Cookie with 10 mg of THC for my appetizer before dinner and a bowl full of flowers!

Native Roots, Near Downtown Denver, Colorado

What does marijuana look like

Just ran into this dispensary on my way to Cheba Hut, a great cannabis-themed sub shop! This place had great décor and were definitely on the way to creating a great brand! CLICK HERE for the Native Roots strain menu!

Love this marijuana shop in Denver
Upon entering and walking downstairs, I had to show my ID. This is standard at all dispensaries in the U.S. (Her shirt matches the walls!)
Which marijuana door?
One door is for recreational purchases, the other is for medical purchases. Everyone in the waiting room went into the recreational side…
Marijuana in a vape pen
This thing is awesome!! It takes a little more to get high, but when you use it, no one knows. There is no real smell to speak of and the effects are fabulous!
marijuana in all of its forms
I learned I like to smoke flowers. That is the bud of the plant and is smoked in a pipe, bong, joint, blunt, etc. 🙂

The Clinic, Somewhere in Denver, CO. (Exact location not important.)

Poor pot shop in Denver, the clinic
Got some smoke here, but wasn’t impressed at all. I had a coupon for edibles, but their choices were so limited I didn’t even get a chance to use it. This place was in the same building as Edible Events, so that realization was pretty exciting!!
dab, t-shirts marijuana denver
Some T-shirts on the wall and a few magazines on the table, but nothing exciting. No pictures allowed, but nothing really to take pics of anyway. Overall, a disappointment.
Keeping the cannabis safe
Marijuana has to be put in child proof bags when being transported and kept out of reach of children at all times. No kids on this trip of course!

Regardless of which dispensary you decide to go to, you will get some killer bud and one heck of an experience in Denver. However, the more welcoming it feels, the better. I hope all dispensaries follow suit and try their best to make their customers feel welcome in any way they possibly can. Until then, I will be here to tell you where to go to get the best overall experience!


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