Berry Kush and Biloxi Views!

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As I walked into the Hard Rock, Biloxi, I knew I was in for a treat! With their walls of famous folks and their rockin’ accessories, this place made me look like such a tourist, oohing and aahing over everything I laid my eyes on!

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Some nice, groovin’ rock was playing at a medium level as I walked in, reminding me of where I was. I booked the one bedroom suite and got a pretty great deal because it was a weekday! There is a great view of the gulf out of every window!

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The balcony is one amenity a smoker needs! Adding a fabulous view of the sailboats makes it twice as nice!

Featured imageSo, I sat down and smoked a bowl of Berry Kush and enjoyed the hell out of the view!

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I continued my tour… the half bathroom, the walk through shower, and the bedroom with floor to ceiling windows and a TV hung high on the wall so you can lay down and comfortably watch TV.

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Last, but definitely not least, I enjoyed the bathing area of the bathroom. It was split into two sections, with this side having floor to ceiling views. It comes equipped with a one way mirror so you can watch everyone on the balcony, but they can’t watch you! Overall, this was a fabulous hotel, with beautiful views and no one to bother me whilst I enjoy my travels and my smoke! Thanks Hard Rock Biloxi!


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