Yeah, I Smoke Pot. So what?

20141114_120237So many people are talking and writing about ingesting marijuana now days, what makes me so special? Is it that I am a parent? Nah, being a pot smoking parent does not do it, look at Moms for Marijuana, they have a following of over 500,000 strong on Facebook. (I do wish I knew more of them though.)

I think using pot can be compared to taking a daily allergy medicine. Sure, you feel a little different, but you can still operate normally. When you first start ingesting either one, you have to be aware of how it makes your body feel. You may not drive in the beginning. But, after the first couple of doses (which I took decades ago) you resume all of your normal activities, including helping your children with their homework and sitting down to a family dinner.

I would have to agree with Jane West of Edible Events in that, “I don’t think my kids should watch me smoke a joint or consume any form of like, combustible substances.” And, when ABC’s Juju Chang asked, “You’re not opposed to being a little bit high in front of your kids?” Her response? “I am… (Sigh) I am hoping no one gets asked this question anymore because no one asks this question about alcohol.” Or, allergy medication, for that matter.

Does being from an illegal state make me special? Nope, tons of people from illegal states smoke marijuana, regardless of the illegality of it. I do not get to go buy from a dispensary, but I still have some of the luxuries a dispensary offers.

The legalities around the act of smoking marijuana (and tobacco more and more) in a legal state verses an illegal state are pretty much the same. You should not fire it up in public in either situation. You should not smoke in other people’s homes (unless they say it is okay). You should keep your smoking private. Now, I have been to Gary’s Rec Room in Denver, and I have to say we cannot really form something like that here in this red state. But, everything else is pretty much the same. I personally smoke outside of my home for the most part.

What makes me unique is that I have a quenchless thirst for the knowledge. I want to know everything there is to know about marijuana that my small mind can comprehend. I am interested in the research and study of cannabis and its applications in order to educate and help other people get relief. Sure, I am a parent and a budding marijuana connoisseur in an illegal state. However, it has not stopped me from using its medicinal advantages to better my life.

I have smoked marijuana off and on for 18 years both medically and recreationally. I have used marijuana for depression, anxiety, chronic insomnia and PTSD. I do believe the body has the ability to heal itself from some medical and psychological ailments. I just think marijuana can help aid the healing process. I have aided in the healing process of a couple of people in my life as well. I have made edibles for someone with prostate cancer to help increase their appetite. I have created a concoction for arthritis that a friend uses every time they have a flare-up. I have introduced indica to someone who has a highly stressful position to help keep him healthy and more stress-free. I do not sell or grow marijuana, but anyone and everyone I smoke with knows they can ask me anything about pot. If I do not know, I will find out. I can’t help it, I am on a constant search to further my marijuana knowledge.

Because I am from an illegal state, I use travel to help me get more hands-on when it comes to expanding my marijuana knowledge base. I have been to Colorado several times and to Washington twice since both states legalized recreational marijuana and tons of times before they legalized completely. I have also been to California and Oregon to consume and learn about their medicinal marijuana. I have had the pleasure to enjoy the marijuana culture in Illinois, Wisconsin, Delaware (that one took a while) and Nevada (before it was medicinally legal) as well.

If an if were a fifth, we would all be drunk. I’ll take Vodka. If I lived in a legal state, I would carry my marijuana and my card everywhere I went. But, because I am not, I will ride with it only if it is absolutely necessary. If I lived in a legal state, I would throw big pot parties. But, since I am not, I will just have a posh, pot breakfast with my friends. If I lived in a legal state, I would write my name proudly at the end of this article. Because I am not, I will not.


Yours truly,


The Budding Connoisseur.














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