• Van Life couple with their !973 GMC MH.

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    I’m Maggie Jay and I am the writer and photographer behind the former page Travel and Cannabis. Lately though, things have changed. Damien walked into my life and we rode to Florida to purchase our first tiny home on wheels. Van life…


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Van Life Diaries. Week 2.

Van Life Day 11: While we were planning our 90 day road trip, we made a deal. Either of us can pick stops anywhere along the way that we would like; whether that be for sightseeing, activities, and food. Whatever. If one person wants to stop and the other really just doesn’t, they can veto the stop. However, we only have 3 vetoes each. Today I wanted to use one of those vetoes.

The Vanabus, How we Van Life

Van Life. Week 1 Complete.

We continued on to Ponchas Pass and stayed on the top of a huge hill in the pass. It was the night before the super moon and the sky was so bright.

Damien grabbed a couple of beers, I got a bowl ready and we went out into the bright night to shoot. I had never…


Preparing for Full Time Van Life.

new curtains were made, the bed was fixed, solar power was put on the roof, the radiator was flushed, the shower was figured out, she was washed and shined up and we were finally ready to roll. The best part? We did it all ourselves.


Van Life. The 2,000 mile Test Drive Home.

3 days of driving ended up taking 7 and we were running out of cannabis.

1973 GMC RV

How it all started. Van Life Diaries.

“Do you live in a hotel?” That was probably the number one social media question I was asked last year. Renting out 2 vacation rentals is a lot of work, especially because the listings are in one the top cities in the U.S. Lots of the time, both condos were rented and we ended up […]